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Moving Picture

My journey in the film industry began around the age of 16, in Atlanta, a city known for its vibrant independent film scene. This early start provided me with a unique opportunity to learn from the ground up. During this time, I was fortunate to be mentored by a seasoned gaffer with a wealth of experience spanning over 25 years. This mentorship was instrumental in my growth, as I learned the intricacies of lighting and cinematography while working on various passion projects. Before turning 18, I had already gained a diverse range of set experiences, dabbling in different roles and absorbing as much as I could from each opportunity.

When I turned 18, I took a significant step by joining Local 600, the camera union. This membership has been a key part of my career, allowing me to work in different capacities within the camera department. My time in the industry has seen me involved in a variety of projects, including popular TV shows and a notable film from the Marvel franchise. Each of these experiences has been a building block in my career, enhancing my skills and understanding of the film-making process. They have contributed significantly to my development as a well-rounded professional in the camera department, knowledgeable and adaptable to the dynamic needs of film production.


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